FACTORY RENOVATION of your Foodservice Conveyor System

Rebuild vs Replacement

Replacement is costly and rebuilds is a total rethinking and renovation of existing conveyors, eliminating the inconvenience and cost of escalating maintenance. But, with cost savings as high as 50% over new installations, rebuilds make more sense from a financial perspective. The advantages don’t stop there – rebuilds provide an opportunity to incorporate Aerowerks engineered performance enhancements designed specifically for your evolving needs. Rebuilding allows users to address a host of needs including:

  • Increased volume
  • Changes in serving style
  • Increased use of disposables
  • Changing personnel requirements
  • Changing configuration needs
  • Rising manual labor costs

Types of facilities where a job site conveyor renovation can be a cost-efficient solution.

  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Corporate Cafeterias
  • Hospitals
  • In-Flight Commissaries
  • In-Plant Cafeterias
  • Hotels
  • Institutional Cafeterias
  • Correctional Institutes
  • Schools

Types of belt

  • Slat
  • Mesh